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Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs are a great tool 123 for clearly presentation of the company, trade, or his or her actions, so demand for them is high. They are extremely effective and attractive media to strengthen the identity and visibility of each brand. Illuminated signs are manufactured in accordance with the wishes of the client, both in terms of shape, dimension and time limits as regards the choice of materials and price frames. Our offer is very diverse dimensions - we manufacture large and small light signs (size of half a square meter to 150 square feet) both for internal and external surfaces.

Illuminated signs can be made from: aluminum, anodised aluminum or stainless steel panels with CNC neckline; plexi glass, Forex komatex plates, combond, neobonda or dibond plate, copper or brass sheet, a film and a digital printing, cutting differently colored foils.


Unlighted signs may be made of aluminum, stainless steel, styrodur, forex, combond plate or wood. Because they are not exposed intended unlighted labeling business premises or other locations (Signs), such as fairs, offices, halls, pools, etc.

3D signs

3D lighted and not lighted signs can be manufactured from crude aluminum plate, anodized aluminum plates, stainless steel plates, plexi glass, which allows light transmission, forex plates, combond (neobond) plates, timber, styrodur and Styrofoam, copper, brass and plastic we've developed just for you. 3D labels contribute, to promote the company or crafts.

Car graphics

We offer you wrapping vehicle, the latter could be carried out so that the first print a desired image on the self-adhesive label, which is then laminated with a gloss (glossy) or mat (not shiny) lamination. Self-adhesive label then optically cut, and by means of the optical cutter cut contour. The truck you also completely beautiful color car HEXIS film, for which we also passed traning (HEXIS CAR WRAPPING ACADEMY).

Fair graphics

With the help of graphics trade fair at the fairgrounds, your potential customer gets a first impression about your company. The first impression must be very important, because it is essential to conclude a transaction, so just contact us. We offer quality and quick preparation of all exhibition graphics. Let's do and put your cell walls, tables (desks), and all advertising material.

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