Working Group 1,
South-Eastern Europe

The 12th Regional Conference on Geoconservation and
ProGEO Working Group 1 Annual Meeting on


5-9 September 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia



“Celebrating International Year of Planet Earth in Partnership“

5th to 9th September 2007, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The Organising Committee, on behalf of Slovenian Geological Society, the Nature Conservation Institute of Slovenia, Environmental Agency of Slovenia, Geological Survey of Slovenia, and ProGEO cordially invites you to participate in the professional and social programme of the 12th Regional Conference and the ProGEO Working group 1 Annual Meeting on Geological Heritage in South-Eastern Europe. The meeting will take place in Ljubljana city centre, Slovenia from September 5–7, 2007 and will be preceded and succeeded by two and a half day excursions from September 7-9, 2007.

The conference is dedicated to the International Year of Planet Earth - Earth Sciences for Society - launched by International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS), the major global initiative proclaimed by the United Nations. This campaign is aimed to support research projects and outreach programs under several socially relevant geological issues. Geological heritage is the means of understanding those issues and offers various possibilities to incorporate economic benefits. The main aims of the conference are:

·         To reflect on the growing development of the Geosites initiative across the South-Eastern European region and to celebrate Earth Heritage as a tool for participation in the International Year of Planet Earth.

·         To discuss mechanisms that will ensure the continued work on geosites evaluation and building relevant databases. 

·         To strengthen the regional Geosites Network and networking of experts.

·         To examine the links between geosciences and sustainable economic development through geological heritage protection and interpretation (i.e. geotourism, Geoparks).

·         To discuss methods for promoting public understanding of science through geological heritage interpretation. 

The purpose of the conference and annual meeting is to provide:

·         A meeting that will foster the progress of geoconservation, ProGEO WG 1, and thereby, better serve the interest of all ProGEO WG 1 members and the community at large

·         A meeting that will stimulate growth and advance the state of knowledge in the field of geoconservation covered by themes of the conference

·         A forum for free discussion of new ideas, research, development and  applications

·         An atmosphere to enhance the interpersonal rapport of geologists and geoconservationists in specialized and related fields

·         Opportunities for geology students and junior geologists to meet their experienced peers and encourage them to join in ProGEO activities. 




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